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Loud & Proud About Reusable Bags!

If you take a look at cities in the US that have banned plastic bags in favor of reusable options, you will see the most successful areas are in Southern California. What that means is that your commitment to use and reuse your reusable bags has become a benchmark that will inspire those areas of the country that are trying to catch up with our success! When you see the bigger picture it's even more apparent that we are onto something big. Communities around the world, from California to Chandigarh are saying no to disposable bags in favor of reusable alternatives.

Zero Waste Communities has shared a lot of day-to-day tips with you through our blog on why and how to reduce your bag waste, and through your responses, we’ve seen amazing examples of participation and innovation. So now you might ask, how can we keep getting better? Well, the secret is that no matter which pieces of advice you take away, the best thing you can do to help the reusable bag movement at home and beyond is to be an active and proud advocate of reusable bags. Whether that means educating others about the downsides of disposable bags, the merits of reusable, or just showing off your own reusable bag collection at the market, we want you to be as proud of your accomplishments as we are and inspire others to join in along the way!


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Zero Waste with Endless Thanks

Over the course of Zero Waste Communities’ Reusable Bag Campaign, San Bernardino County residents have continued to rise to the challenge of eco-friendly living. It may seem like a small thing, but the campaign’s simple and consistent message to reduce waste by choosing reusable bags over disposable plastic and paper bags has made an impact. Some of you may have been following along with our monthly blog posts where we’ve shared interesting stories and tips on how to get the most out of your bags, but a lot of you have also gotten involved right at the source—at the stores.

Zero Waste Communities wants to give a huge thank you to our partners: Albertsons in Apple Valley, Highland & Victorville as well as Clark’s Nutrition in Loma Linda. Their support has created a powerful example of how thoughtful business practices can work to change a community for the better. And that change is clearly coming since, over its course, the Reusable Bag Campaign has acquired more than 200 signups and residents have also pledged to produce less waste and use a reusable bag every time they shop!


We hope to see those numbers continue to grow. So, if you haven’t gotten around to signing up yet, there is good news: you can still receive a FREE reusable bag by signing up at the Zero Waste Communities ballot boxes at one of our partner Albertsons stores in Victorville or Highland or at Clark’s Nutrition in Loma Linda, while supplies last. Don’t waste anymore time or any more bags, and join with us, our partners and other participants to bring this round of applause, full circle, from the local market to the global one!

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